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Optel Sp. z o.o. (Ltd) is an innovative company established in 1989. Our company is a member of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology and the European Association for Biometrics – Human Identity in Europe. We provide a wide range of ultrasonic instruments for NDE and NDT inspection systems solutions. Our comprehensive know-how in many areas of ultrasonic technology, a technically advanced laboratory and experienced engineers allow us to develop and create sophisticated ultrasonic measurement systems for your company, fulfilling the most demanding technical requirements. We design ultrasonic systems for both automated and manual inspection in either on-line or off-line solutions for both industrial and laboratory applications.

Our mission

We can solve your technical problem and deliver cost-effective complete solution for the ultrasonic measurement (NDE and NDT). And propose ultrasonic technology as a tool or solution for new applications.

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Ultrasonic inspection systems for non destructive material testing (NDT)

Optel provides a wide range of ultrasonic inspection system solutions and technologies, applicable across multiple industry sectors. From standard ultrasonic inspection systems to customized and sophisticated ultrasonic measurement systems for the needs of our customers, fulfilling the most demanding technical requirements. We are following the Industry 4.0 trend towards automation and data exchange in technology and processes within the manufacturing industry, including: IoT, IIoT, AI, as well as smart manufacture and smart factories.

Ultrasonic instruments and devices

The opCard and opBox defectoscopes family with opMux multiplexers are high-performance, precise, multi-channel ultrasonic testing devices, designed for use in ultrasonic NDT systems, but also suitable for other measurements using ultrasonic pulses. Together with the software, with a tailored set of tools for signal visualization and analysis, they offer the best solution for ultrasonic testing. Various configurations allow us to provide a wide range of instruments and systems. Due to their versatility, flexibility and easy-to-use software, opCard, opBox and opMux are ideal for testing: weld inspection for cracks and volume defects, soldered and coated joints for adhesion quality, wall thicknesses, shafts, rods, tubes and sheets as well as plastics or fibre or any ultrasonic material characterization. Easy to use as an OEM solution for your inspection systems.

Ultrasonic Transducers and Probes

Ultrasonic transducers are used for applications as diverse as flaw detection, thickness gaging, measurement of materials properties, medical diagnostics and also in power generation, oil and gas applications and many more. We are offering different types of ultrasonic transducers. Standard options come in many styles, element diameters, frequencies, and connector style. We offer also custom-designed probes. Our high-quality probes and transducers are available in a wide range of frequencies, configurations, connector styles and cable types to help you meet demanding inspection requirements.

Generators and analyzers for power ultrasound

The opGen high-power ultrasound generators are innovative and technologically advanced. The opGen generators family in the power range from 100 to 2000W are designed for the more stringent requirements of high-performance ultrasonic applications. The sophisticated control system is based on the transducer impedance analysis and is done in real time. It always ensures the best working conditions depending on the physical status of the system. The generators transform energy from the electrical supply network into a high-frequency sinusoidal / rectangle / burst or sweep oscillation from 10kHz to 125kHz or 10-100kHz. Real time regulating processes generate optimum ultrasonic oscillations.

Ultrasonic testing scanners

Our scanners are controlled by our software for make the scan that covers the inspection area and to acquires the scan data, required in the customer application. Take advantage of one of our standard scanning solutions, or have us customize a scanning solution to fit your specific needs. We also offers several motor controllers for scanners, depending on the equipment used in the application.

Biometric and Medical application

Since 1989 we were focused on developing ultrasonic fingerprint reader based on ultrasonic holography. This was the reason why we have collected very unique and sophisticated know-how and knowledge in many areas of ultrasonic technology during those years. This is a very good background for developing new and very innovative systems across other medical application such as early detection of breast cancer, ultrasonic holographic scanner for measurement and visualization of teeth, jawbone cavities, holographic sonograph for visualization and monitoring of changes in lung tissues, especially caused by COVID-19 and a lot of others medical applications.


Research at OPTEL is carried out across a number of different channels in partnership with industrial partners and research and technology organizations, academic institutions and enterprises.
The National Center for Research and Development (NCBiR)
Funded by the European Union
Research and Development projects

Feasibility Studies

We analyze the testability of your components and create suitable inspection concepts. This may be the final testing in production, serial testing or batch testing on a random basis. Due to single inspection of e.g. prototypes, we support the development and the exclusion of problems for future manufacturing.


We provide our customers with complete technical support, spare part supply as well as repairs and other Systems for all their own and their partners' products. We offer our customers the examination and calibration of ultrasonic instruments and systems according to various standards and inspection requirements. Our high qualified personnel performs the examination with constantly calibrated measuring instruments. All measurements are being documented and summarized in a test report.

Years on the market, since 1989!


Number of online ndt systems

Customers from different countries

Ultrasonic inspection systems


  • Ultrasonic system for NDT and object detection
  • Ultrasonic system for testing of sensitive components inline and offline
  • System for testing gear wheels welded with electron beam
  • Nondestructive testing of Welded Thin-Walled Tubular Components of shock absorbers, axle shafts and transmission shafts
  • Nondestructive testing of cooling modules and components both for combustion engines, hybrid and purely electric cars
  • 3D (holographic) air ultrasound camera for 100% measurement of objects with an accuracy in the sub-micrometer range

Ultrasonic Tube and Pipe Inspection Solutions

  • Helically submerged arc-welded pipes SAWH
  • Longitudinally submerged arc-welded pipes SAWL
  • High frequency welded – induction steel pipes HFW / HFI / ERW
  • SAW Spiral & Helix Weld Inspection
  • SAW Transverse and Longitudinal Weld Inspection
  • ERW Weld Inspection
  • Seamless Tube and Pipe Inspection

Ultrasonic Testing on Plastic Pipes

The cost-effective complete solution for the ultrasonic measurement for superior raw material savings and stable product quality. Highly precise measuring values of wall thicknesses diameter, eccentricity, ovality, material consumption as well as statistic of production.

  • Pressure and Gas Pipe
  • Tubes;
  • Multilayer and corrugated pipe; Hot Water Pipe

Ultrasonic inspection of rubber products and hydraulic hoses

Ultrasonic inspection of rubber products and hydraulic hoses

Ultrasonic testing of aluminium extrusion billets

Ultrasonic testing of aluminium extrusion billets

Nozzles and examination of sandwich defects in nuclear reactor cooling systems

Phased Array Measurement Techniques - automatic scanners for quality control of fillet welds of nozzles and examination of sandwich defects in nuclear reactor cooling systems

Wood -based panels

The ultrasonic measuring system detects inhomogeneities in panel-shaped materials, such as wood-based panels

Aerospace & Shipbuilding & Wind turbine industry

  • High-performance ultrasonic testing system for testing of safety components in the industry
  • Early detection of mechanical damage by ultrasound
  • Ultrasonic systems for the manufacturing of complex parts for the automotive and aeronautical

Oil & Gas

  • Ultrasonic flaw detectors
  • Real-time quality metering of propanated biomethane
  • Ultrasonic measuring the velocity of sound in gases and quantitative characterization of binary gas mixtures
  • Technology and measuring instrument for express control of the quality of natural gas

Food industry

  • Ultrasonic system for the food industry
  • Comparison of quality of cured meat with ultrasonic methods
  • Testing of ripeness of some fruits


  • Early detection of breast cancer
  • Ultrasonic holographic scanner for measurement and visualization of teeth, jawbone cavities
  • Holographic sonograph for visualization and monitoring of changes in lung tissues, especially caused by COVID-19


  • Ultrasonic holographic scanner for fingerprint
  • Ultrasonic fingerprint reader
  • All
  • opCard
  • opBox
  • opLabBox
  • opMux
  • UT Probes and transducers
  • Speed of sound measurement
  • Scanners
  • Ultrasonic cavitation meter
  • Ultrasonic power generators
  • Sonotrodes (horns) and power transducers


opCard Ultrasonic Testing Card (Flaw detectors)


opBox - Ultrasonic testing boxes (Flaw detectors)


Ultrasonic Pulser & Receiver


Ultrasonic multiplexer


UT Probes and transducers


Ultrasonic scanners


opCav - Ultrasonic cavitation meter


Ultrasonic power generators

opHigh Power UT

Sonotrodes (horns) and power transducers


Speed of sound measurment

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